Zero-Nine Design, ID Consult Team, Robotics division at SRI International, Intern ID Designer  | Mar 15 - May 15

- Responsible for robotics design development: design sketch, functional mock-ups.


NASA Collaboration Project, ID and UI Designer | Jun 14 - Aug 14

- Research the market and proposed the different possibilities for the project concept to connect to different industries.
- Provided the concept sketches allowing and inspiring the team members to discover different possibilities.
- Illustrated the wireframe to develop APP system. Developed photo management system to solve the current problems.


Ya Chen Aluminum CO. in Taipei, Taiwan, Intern Manager  | Jun 10 - Dec 10

- Communicate with architects, engineers and manufacturers to control the quality of the product on the construction site.
- Research the market opportunities and proposed the possibility of directions for company.


Dance Academy in Taipei, Taiwan | Sept 06 - Dec 10 

- Instructed the dancing training program from high school and university.
- Directed the dancing stage performance four time a year.


"IT'S BATTLE TIME" Dance Competition in Taiwan, Event Planner and Promoter | May 09- May 12 

- Promoting a street dance competition for four years that provided the environment for dancers sharing cultures from Taiwan, Japan and USA.
- Led the team to create this competition, which included designing posters, cards, video, stage, lighting and also proposing it to the sponsors.





A' Design Award and Competition | A' Futuristic Design Winner | 2015

Academy of Art University Winter Show | Turn to The Future | Dec 14


Master of Fine Art in Industrial Design | Jan 11 - Dec 14

Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Bachelor of Business Administration in Risk Management | Sept 06 - Dec 09

Kainan University, Taoyuan, Taiwan


-Hand Sketch                 
-Digital Sketch                        
-Marker Rendering     
-Digital Rendering 
-3D CAD Model


-Model Making
-Problem Solving               
-Concept Development
-UI/UX Development
-Video Development 



-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe InDesign
-Adobe Premiere
-Autodesk AutoCAD

-Microsoft Office



-Mandarin Chinese